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28 Nov 2018 15:54

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wood-veneer-slicing-machine.jpg :Wood Planer is the main equipment for the production of veneer and meager wood.According to the movement direction of planer relative to the horizontal plane, the wood planer can be divided into two categories, vertical and horizontal, and the planer can be divided into transverse planer and longitudinal planer according to the direction of the planing and the vertical or parallel of the length of the wood-square fiber.The shape of the modern planer is only 1/3 of the past planer, compact structure, light quality, easy installation and commissioning, continuous production, saving the time of loading wood, high production efficiency, the work is very smooth, almost can not hear the noise.(5) The tool shape is simple compared with the roll used for oblique rolling or wedge rolling, the tool used in this process is simple in shape, so it is easy to manufacture, low cost, and easy to install and adjust.In the rolling process, the process parameters, tool shape parameters and rolling temperature and other factors have a great influence on the rolling process and the quality of rolling and cutting..  Shandong Lontto Veneer Peeling machine machinery factory, is a professional R d and manufacturing veneer peeling machine backbone enterprises.Our company produces CNC veneer peeling machine, CNC card-free veneer peeling machine, CNC card veneer peeling machine, CNC card-free rotary cutting All-in-one in the same industry has advanced level, because of its simple operation, Reliable performance, spin out of the skin smooth and uniform characteristics, since the product was put on the market by the vast number of customers welcome..Whether there is a card or no card, is not a CNC type of veneer peeling machine, in the choice can choose the field to examine, so that the machine will also have a good understanding.And good word of mouth machine manufacturers quality can be more assured.Lontto Machinery Factory Integrity management for more than more than 10 years, its integrity is worth your choice.  Due to the veneer peeling machine's feed system wear fast, short life, so that veneer peeling machine production of the plate skin uniformity is poor, not smooth, the industry for the solution of this problem has made a lot of efforts.The following describes a solution:  A veneer peeling machine manufacturer installed adjustable silk mother on veneer peeling machine, according to the introduction, this adjustable silk mother completely solved this problem, so that the feed system screw, silk mother no gap work, to ensure the uniformity of the plate skin, smooth degree.Veneer peeling machine is now a lot of plate manufacturers important machinery and equipment, it will be spinning wood into different veneer, improve work efficiency, save time and manpower, so veneer peeling machine is very popular with the plate manufacturers and love.In fact, veneer peeling machine is mainly the use of tube plastic rolling cut off the plate, referred to as plastic rolling process.The plastic rolling process has the following characteristics:The new CNC card-free veneer peeling machine not only inherits the characteristics of the original veneer peeling machine simple operation, but also relies on the computer plc to realize the fully automatic work..Now let's take a look at the introduction of the machine by professional manufacturers.Veneer peeling machine is one of the main equipment for the production of plywood and can be divided into two machines including a card veneer peeling machine cutting machine and a card-free veneer peeling machine.With the progress of science and technology, digital control technology has also begun to be applied to the production of veneer peeling machine.This has led to the emergence of CNC veneer peeling machine in recent years.The appearance of CNC veneer peeling machine is not only to improve the quality and precision of production veneer, but also to improve the production efficiency and the automation degree of the whole machine effectively. The technical requirements for workers have also been reduced considerably, but also to produce products that are more in line with consumer requirements, CNC card-free veneer Peeling machine is the most important equipment on Plywood Making Machine production line or veneer production line.It is mainly used for the second use of the veneer peeling machine rotary cutting of the remaining or rounded wood cores, effectively improving the utilization of wood.It is possible to cut wood segments of varying lengths and wood cores within a certain diameter range into veneer of different thicknesses.And because of the small diameter of the rotary cut, can effectively make good use of wood, reduce waste, reduce production costs.:Typically, veneer peeling machine is set at a thickness of 1-2 mm before leaving the factory.If you want to change the thickness of the wood skin later, you must first adjust the pressure of the veneer peeling machine.Use the triangle ruler (500*250mm) to live on the upper and inside of the veneer peeling machine double flower roll, and use a 150 mm ruler to stand up to the value of the top of the single flower roll above the bottom of the tripod and the junction of the ruler, the leather thickness of 1-2 mm when taking the 35mm-36mm, If the leather thickness specification is less than 1 mm when the reading value increases correspondingly, such as the skin thickness specification is greater than 2.0 mm, the reading value decreases accordingly.If you want to increase the pressure of the veneer peeling machine, add the gasket to both the single box and the blade shoulder respectively, and reduce the gasket when the pressure decreases.

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